Sources of Adult Stem Cells
Sources of Adult Stem Cells

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Where are Adult Stem Cells found?

Adult stem cells have been identified in many organs and tissues, including fat or adipose tissue, bone marrow, peripheral blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, skin, teeth, heart, gut, liver, ovarian epithelium, and testis. They are thought to reside in a specific area of each tissue (called a "stem cell niche"). In many tissues, current evidence suggests that some types of stem cells are pericytes, cells that compose the outermost layer of small blood vessels. Stem cells may remain quiescent (non-dividing) for long periods of time until they are activated by a normal need for more cells to maintain tissues, or by disease or tissue injury.

Below you will find the query at Google News on "Adult Stem Cells"- the main excitement in respect of ASC´s however is caused by Mesenchymal Stem Cells, which are the cells generally thought to be capable of (trans-)differentiation in several mesodermal (and other) lineages i.e. can morph into different tissues. For this reason - we will switch our RSS feeds after this one, to "Mesenchymal SC or MSC´s" in this category Adult SC or ASC´s.



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