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art advocacy1My definition of "industry advocacy groups" has generally to do with organizations that promote the awareness and development of adult or regenerative cell therapy, be it from a commercial perspective or a scientific-, participant or patient perspective. 

Basically you will find below which those organizations are, but key thing for this site is- whether they have an up-to-date news information they provide, so I can serve you with their news feeds. That sophistication level is generally not so great- which you will notice, so one has to rely on other sources too.....

The Alliance of Regenerative Medicine

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine


What should be the best source of information on Adult Stem Cell Technology should be the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, being the industry advocacy organization supported by the Companies in the space and which organization is a professional lobbying group, which describes themselves as follows:

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) is a Washington, DC-based multi-stakeholder advocacy organization that promotes legislative, regulatory and reimbursement initiatives necessary to facilitate access to life-giving advances in regenerative medicine.

Alliance members work together to:
  • Serves as the voice of the global regenerative medicine community.
  • Coalesces multiple, diverse stakeholders to ensure the healthcare system supports ready access to regenerative medicine products.
  • Introduces and supports policies that pave the way for development of new regenerative medicine therapies, medical devices and diagnostics.
  • Including developing and advocating for legislative, regulatory and reimbursement initiatives that support increased research and development of regenerative medicine products.
  • Promotes government and private funding of R&D in regenerative medicine.
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The Cure Alliance

The Cure Alliance
The Cure Alliance

The Cure Alliance is a patient friendly organization of scientists, which seek to change several things in the present environment of medical progress against unmet needs- they have a 10 points program on their website, which read as follows:


1. Re-set regulatory framework and requirements, from FDA to equivalent regulatory agencies worldwide, to allow for innovation and the development/delivery of cures in a timely and cost/effective manner
2. Re-set overly broad patent laws that restrict scientific discovery and inhibit collaborative work and innovation towards the development of cures
3. Establish non-profit Centers for Excellence to promote bench to bedside research and knowledge sharing, using the business model of the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) at the University of Miami and the DRI Federation
4. Establish legal guidelines to protect academic institutions from unsustainable risks related to lawsuits for innovative, cure oriented protocols
5. Establish strict ethics reviews by institutional review boards with patient advocates for the specific disease conditions considered
6. Establish a new and trustworthy patient consent policy that allows for broader access to life-saving medical treatment
7. Establish strict data monitoring and meaningful reporting
8. Establish an international governance board with emphasis on people and improving longevity in the absence of chronic degenerative disease conditions, as core values.
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CIRM- The CA SC Agency

The California Stem Cell Agency
The California Stem Cell Agency

Who does not know what CIRM is?

The California Stem Cell Agency stands primarily for a waste of money, questionable appropriation of funds and no results for the enormous amount of money that has been wasted on cell research which was pretty much  doomed from the start.  

What is not to like about the agency? Business as usual in the SC sector career research, which goes on for generations without creating therapeutics for the sick?

Anyway- since the arrival of Randall Mills- former CEO of Osiris-  CIRM is gradually being transformed to the better. Before his arrival- a commercial SC developer who was looking for funds for a project, had to go through an application procedure. which took 2 years. At least Mills has cut that period into 4 months, which is still not great, but acceptable I presume. Change- yes- but it is about time after over 10 years and piles of wasted money though....

This is what CIRM says about themselves

The mission of CIRM, California’s Stem Cell Agency, is to accelerate stem cell treatments to patients with unmet medical needs.  
When taking action, we consider what impact our efforts will have in these areas:
Will it speed up the development of a stem cell treatment?
Will it increase the likelihood of success?
Will it fill an unmet medical need?
Is it efficient?
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