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There are very few web publishers, who deal with the subject of Adult Stem Cells and aim at the same time to educate-,

Paul Alexey Lee

inform- and explain in such a fashion, that also non-scientists can understand. Thereto at the same time possess the pre-requisitite of having the general knowledge, that they know what they are talking about.

During my "active" days in the LinkedIn Cell Therapy Industry discussion group, I have learned to appreciate the competence of the folks you see assembled on the image on the right- Paul Knoepfler, Alexey Bersenev and Lee Buckler (from left to right). At the time (2011-2) all three were regular publishers and commenters on popular regenerative science/opinion news. Lee is more involved in the Cell Industry now. My own discovery is the blog of Michael Buratovich, who is very productive and easy to read. You will also find the news feed of a Canadian group of scientists, who blog "together" on "signals.ca".

The general online media have very few writers with sufficient background and only get involved when "attractive" news is reportable, which tend to be related to discoveries which are still 20 years away of being realized if ever.

Alexey Bersenev

Alexey Bersenev
Alexey Bersenev

A very active poster (at least, he used to be in the past) in the referenced LinkedIn group is Alexey Bersenev, publisher of two websites, which you see listed on the photoshop image, that is- celltrials.info and stemcellassays.com . He is, after consistenly providing meaningful analysis and comments on ongoings in the industry- which also include statistical analysis of the clinicaltrials.gov database and all other global regenerative medicine DB´s, a recognized industry expert and therefore also quoted by journalists, who require expert opinions.

Besides his publishing activities, Alexey has to make a living too of course and is presently Director at the Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory at Yale University (New Haven Hospital) . Alexey is MD and PhD and received his education at the Transplantation Institute in Moscow, Russia.

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Michael Buratovich

Michael Buratovich at what he does well- teaching
Michael Buratovich at what he does well- teaching
I discovered the (almost daily) blog of Michael Buratovich sometime in 2011 when he had been writing already quite a lot- the first article in his blog : beyondthedish.wordpress.com- date back from 2009.
Michael is primarily a teacher and I think you can note that from his blog- he is a Christian, who makes sense- lets say.  The below is taken from his Universty profile at Spring Arbor University:
Michael Buratovich first went to Spring Arbor University in 1999 as assistant professor of biochemistry and is still there. He has taught biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, genes and speciation, human physiology, senior seminar and pharmacology. He has also directed student research projects in fruit fly development, antimicrobial agents, and fruit fly repellents and attractants.
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