Disruptive Innovation
Disruptive Innovation

The Future of Regenerative Medicine

Written by Fas Kuiters
The page where you can find all relevant information about Cytori Therapeutics Inc, listed on Nasdaq- Symbol-CYTX. You can learn about its history, the people at Cytori and its disruptive technology, which prepares a cellular product as remedy against many disorders from your own tissue with the aid of an extraction device, called Celution. 
First, there is inflammation. Second, there is an immune response. Third, a lack of blood flow (ischemia) or vascular dysfunction. Fourth, there is scarring and tissue degeneration. The foregoing describes the pathophysiology of a typical chronic disorder, to which one can add apoptosis or cell death for most acute disorders. The cells extracted, named ADRCs, which is short for- Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells-  have mechanisms of therapeutic action, which address all those debilitating factors. Absolutely magic.

Without a doubt the technology of Cytori will treat millions of patients in the nearby future...


There is already convincing evidence that the above statement is realistic. 50+ clinical studies being conducted all across the globe with transl-studies-cytoriCytori Cell Therapy. Where do you find a similar concentration of clinical effort? With Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson maybe?

Well- Cytori´s tech is disruptive to those pharma Companies and therefore the studies are paid for by governments and other non-commercial organisations.  Nonetheless the tech will prevail since FAT WORKS!!!



We are at the beginning of a new age in medicine called Regenerative Medicine. The foundation of this is the living cell, although the emerging field will encompass a broad array of technologies. Remember the early days of the Computer Age circa 1978 where there were these new potentially powerful tools, but not a lot of software or applications? Today, almost everything we use or touch is in some way an offspring of this technology.


Regenerative Medicine will explode in a similar way with new tools and applications and treatments, many of which are rapidly being developed around the world and I expect will ultimately impact the lives of billions of people. I predict that the innovations around these cell therapies will have as much impact on medicine as the silicon chip has had on technology.

The vision described above as of today, is still some distance away, but I believe we are on our way, especially when one considers all those investigator initiated clinical trials in process or the   completed ones initiated by Cytori themselves like the pivotal US study against scleroderma and the pilot study against Osteo Arthritis, but also "large" disorders and unmet needs in the cardiac arena will become (again) very important for Cytori at some point in time.

Really exciting stuff and in my opinion -the beginning of a new era- a paradigm shift in medicine. 

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