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TOPIC: Fasting / stem cells

Fasting / stem cells 31 Aug 2014 20:49 #2116

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Fas , Do you think it's plausible that when fasting for a prolonged period , say 10 to 30 days , that stem cells , in adipose being used for fuel ,are somehow released from being trapped in the fat? ...or is that a crazy thought? I did a 30 day fast a few years back and I must tell you that I've never felt better than I felt ....... during the fast!

nothing but water.........and a lil A.M. coffee - fyi


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Fasting / stem cells 31 Aug 2014 21:23 #2117

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I hope you dont mind me chiming in here....but I believe that the reason stem cells are found in fat was because long long ago nature found it an excellent place for storage because durning very lean time when fat reserves were being used, releasing stem cells at the same time helped repair body stresses and injuries so foraging for new food sources could continue in hard times. Just makes perfect sense to me...so your fasting may have a sililar result.

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Fasting / stem cells 01 Sep 2014 11:38 #2123

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I'm going to chime in on this one too. Look up the term "calorie restriction diet" (CRD). Mice that are put on a CRD live 30% longer than expected. It is well established that a dramatic reduction in calorie intake fights off diseases of aging. In fact there are many people who follow the CRD and claim great health benefits. I used to own shares of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, a company that came out with lots of hopes and dreams to take advantage of resveratrol compounds that supposedly mimicked the CRD. The benefits were believed to be caused by activating a class of proteins called sirtuins. Glaxo bought them out for 750 million and never got anywhere with the concept. However, I often t wondered if there is a connection between the reservoir of stem cells In adipose and whether they are released when one eliminates all fat by going on a CRD. I don't know the biology behind this but the concept always intrigued me.


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Fasting / stem cells 01 Sep 2014 13:04 #2124

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I prefer not to speculate on this, since I simply do not know.

Burning fat through fasting could either mean you lose some adipocytes, but mostly it means that the diameter of the cells in the visceral- and deep subcutaneous deposits of the belly decrease.

I do believe strongly (and only) in the theories of Arnold Caplan, which by definition implies that the useful cells from adipose stem from the vasculature, so "feeling better" through the release of stem cells would not fly here.

Sorry- cannot help- I do know that my former German boss (from my early days as a plant controller) that this guy (a real aristocrat) spent every year 3 weeks in February at a clinic in Switzerland and paid fortunes to only receive loads of teas and nothing else during that time.
He always looked great upon returning to work and having his energy level restored. :yep:

I personally prefer WSTs resveratrol pathway, since red wine drinking (especially the kind I drink) should have loads of that good stuff. :grin:

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