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TOPIC: Email from Terry to the Raccoon Board

Email from Terry to the Raccoon Board 21 Mar 2013 06:48 #315

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This morning I found this mail from Terry in my mailbox. I know Terry is registered on the Site, so she could have posted the mail herself, but probably have some unknown problems in doing so. That is why I will do it for her. She covers some interesting aspects about the science and the fact of being a shareholder in Cytori and I am sure some of you will comment on that. I will do too at a later point in time.

Dear Racoon Lodge members:
I read with interest the questions from your Racoon Lodge. If Chris/Tom answer any of these questions I would hope they would do it in a more public forum, not for just a select few. They release information in their conference calls and press releases as it becomes viable.
A tremendous amount of what they do, I’m sure, has to be protected as proprietary secrets and negotiations and doubt they will answer questions except as generic answers, nor should they. Although these are thoughtful and insightful questions the answers should come on a ‘need to know’ basis for investors. All regulatory paths and requirements and timetables they keep to themselves, as well as negotiations, for obvious reasons.
The trials are very specific and they try to follow them exactly. The trials also have a great deal of privacy and enrollment qualifications, and being double blind, not even the patients don’t know who is and who isn’t, getting the actual stem cells. I might add not only is it expensive and time consuming to set these trials and locations up; it also takes time to locate the right and best doctors and facilities, as well as enroll patients in brand new technology, as well as the FDA approving the protocol. We know they work very closely with them, therefore the trials are complicated and there is a lot about the trials they cannot, and should not discuss. I would want my privacy protected if I were a patient and so would you!
It is frustrating for Cytori as well because we ‘armchair’ investors frequently don’t get our blogs or opinions correct, but Cytori is not at liberty to discuss these priority items. The investors are thirsty for a ‘quick fix’ and fast track on the stock price. This is a ‘research’ company and they evolve slowly and methodically. We investors provide ideas and structure, financial and emotional support for this venture to go forward successfully.
It seems to me all their research studies have gone exceptionally well. The potential for this ‘fat’ stem cell market is gigantic!
There is also a ‘time lag’ from the end of the studies until the Research papers are published, as well as making sure there are no unexpected ill effects from the treatments for patients, only improvement. The stem cells are a dream for sick people, especially since they can use their ‘own’ stem cells. Cytori’s procedure of getting fat and processing it and putting it back into the body within the Golden hour is paramount to saving heart patient’s lives. It’s use for other therapies for healing and rebuilding breast and radiation/burns and other medical needs seem endless. The potential is incredible (and we can all spare a little fat)!
It also takes time and trust to get doctors to train for and use these new procedures and for hospitals to come on board. Then there is the issue of insurance reimbursement. The drug companies are running out of Brand patents and new drugs, and this will be a gigantic paradigm shift for them to get on board in the early stages of this technology. Prescriptions have traditionally been a money trail for pharmaceuticals and doctors (and maybe politicians), this is a big paradigm shift for them. New medical discoveries will come fast and furious over the next ten years. It also seems our bodies are getting resistant to many of the lifesaving drugs on the market today. Stem cells don’t have the negative side effects of drugs.
I do worry about ‘copycat’ companies who have not spent the hundreds of millions of dollars and years Cytori has invested, or done the research. They may make claims they cannot possibly substantiate, are not approved, and could even hurt people. Cytori has done exhaustive and tedious research for the past 15 years – this is not an overnight sensation. I see no reason to disclose detailed information when one doesn’t know with blogs and ego’s, whose hands it will fall into.
Doctors from around the world have come forward and worked with Cytori, bringing ideas and expertise to help humanity which eventually it will help us all. These people are extremely dedicated and amazing – God continues to put the right people in front of Cytori at the right time to help them.
The potential for cutting edge partnerships and world changing paradigms of working together that have never been seen or done before are astounding for treating patients. Disease is a world problem. Pulling the right people with like minds, great expertise, special abilities and facilities, overcoming language barriers and getting their collective ‘arms’ around all of this and how to structure it is NO small venture! We investors need to have patience and faith as this all unfolds.
Cytori’s future appears very positive and promising!!![

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Board moderator and Site-owner. I still regret the day I started analysing the prospects of MacroPore (now Cytori) back in 2004- a left-over from the tech-bubble at that time from the century change in my portfolio- and became addicted to Cytori´s fat cell technology. :cry:

Email from Terry to the Raccoon Board 21 Mar 2013 09:15 #317

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Fas, I Will assume Terry would be Terrytwirl. I have One problem with Terry's letter, The fact Terry claims is that Cytori has spent hundreds of Millions of dollars to bring this tech to the forefront of medicine. NO.. Cytori's Investors have spent that money, Which has included bonuses that to this day do not look like they were deserved. I'm just a little tired of paying bonuses for NO shareholder benefit. Yet I Remain Here. :bash:

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Email from Terry to the Raccoon Board 21 Mar 2013 11:14 #318

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Thanks ffor sharing your views Terry and for posting Fas !!!

I will have to review the question list again...but I am a little confused about the patient privacy issues Terry is talking about. To my understanding...no individual patient data needs to be released to answer the questions presented to Cytori.

As far as several other points Terry makes...the failures and frustrations stem from goals and timelines set by management...not the fact we are invested in a high risk catagory company that takes time to develope...I believe most understood this before getting in.

I completely agree that some may not have considered the time lags between trials and data release or reimbursement.

Yes...we have spent hundreds of millions of dollars....however a large amout of that was blown on mis-direction and mistakes by management and , as brisauto points out, bonuses for these failures. In that time competition is catching up. I agree that unethical "copycats" are a worry.

Terry's last line ****Cytori’s future appears very positive and promising!!![***

I agree..thats why I am here...but they can still blow it...thats why we seek more info....blind trust and credibility have long been lost.
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Email from Terry to the Raccoon Board 21 Mar 2013 11:32 #319

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Hedge, thats it! You´r so right!!

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Email from Terry to the Raccoon Board 21 Mar 2013 12:47 #320

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While I appreciate teeri's opinion,her post was rather condescending. I am certain that Cytori is not anyone on this boards first investment in biotech . Nobody in there right mind would invest without knowing what Terry points out . It is so self evident. I would say that nobody doubts the potential of Cytori's platform, again that is while invested in the first place and are still here. what she failed to adress which was pointed out by Hedge ,that our problem is how mangement has operated. How they have not communicated with investors and how they have wasted money and changed direction so many times. in addition while they collect, ridiculous salaries ,bonuses and options, we sit and watch our investment loose value. I don't know if she can justify the fact that every single long term investor is underwater on this stock and her mea culpa sounds like it could have been written by CC himself.

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Email from Terry to the Raccoon Board 21 Mar 2013 20:43 #322

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!. Chris/Tom don't have to answer through this forum. We are simply posing questions we would like answered. I am more than happy to receive the requested information through press releases or during corporate presentations.

2. If any questions require the release of proprietary information that may cause harm to the company, then this should be avoided. However I am not sure to what extent the questions posed actually pose such a risk? :really:

3. By definition in the capitalist system and market economy I would suggest that investors "always need to know". Whether one is a short term or long term investor is irrelevant. I myself have been holding since early Macropore days.

4. As "armchair investors" we are quite likely to make wrong assumptions .......... it is for that reason that we pose the questions :bash:

5. You say, "We investors need to have patience and faith as this all unfolds." ............ truer words have never been spoken when it comes to biotech investing ......... unfortunately numerous investors have lost lots of money having faith , but not the facts. :cry:

6. I actually agree with your description of the company's efforts and potential. If I did not I would not be here. Yes CYTX has tremendous potential. However for it to be realized the company needs funds, particularly in view of some unfortunate corporate decisions made in the past. Let me say that I believe management acted in good faith when making these decisions and that I recognise the difficulties involved in this undertaking.

7. It is easier to raise less dilutive share capital when the pps is high. We believe that the company has very positive information that is not clearly understood by the market and is therefore either heavily discounted or not taken into account at all. We need this to be reflected in the shareprice, not just to quickly sell the shares, but to allow the company to fund all the opportunities that are open to it. Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies are increasingly becoming visible to investors. However we are not alone, lets not forget about the huge number of researchers/companies undertaking competitative research which may bypass us in the not too distant future. The time has past for "flying under the radar", we should be blowing eardrums by breaking the sound barrier.......... :bang:

Most biotechs reach a critical point where there is a binary event, either succeed or fail. This fortunately is not the case for CYTX. which has multiple shots on goal. To management: Guys, please ....... put one in the nets.
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