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Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Roche

Second partner I would like to present here is Hoffmann La Roche- short -Roche. In the same conference call early 2009 when Calhoun talked about his partners, he described the proprietary enzyme supplier as a "unnamed major US pharma partner, which we dont want to disclose for competitive reasons"- just to make things easy.(LOL)

Roche is a top notch biotech, which is illustrated by their bid for Illumina (on top of owning antibody giant Genentech)- that bid is all about personalized targeted gene therapy for oncology patients- exactly what Burzynski -link here is doing right now and to me the absolute FUTURE for cancer treatment. But which the FDA apparently doesnt like. (Deal didnt get established, but proves nonetheless the quality of the organisation) A perfect partner for Cytori therefore- visionaries and capable in handling other things than an "off-the-shelf" product.

Roche´s HQ is in Basel Switzerland and the Company is presently #5 of the list of Big Pharma 2009 with 37.6 Billion revenues and quite a hefty R&D spend of over 20% therof. Download the list- pdf2009-top50.pdf413.02 KB03/03/2012, 01:01.

Cytori´s forthcoming European HQ is only a one hours drive away from wonderful Zug, near the illuminaAlps. (but that location was selected strictly for tax reasons, of course)

Roche as a Company is world pharma leader in oncology and virology, but also- and that is more relevant- has strong positions in medical area´s, in which they want to expand into, being in the inflammatory-, metabolism- and CNS areas. This is where stem cell technology could be very important for Roche and the following video showing part of an interview with the global R&D president, Dr. Dan Zabrowski becomes extremely exciting listening for a person familiar with the virtues of ADRC cells.

From the 13 minute interview produced in late 2009 I cut out the 2 minutes, where the topic stem cells came up. Before viewing the video one must also keep in mind that Cytori and Roche do know each other well- since Roche is the supplier of the two different enzymes CYTX uses in the Celution process of digesting fat tissue. Yahoo board readers will remember that user Forgotmorthanuno, also finds time to review scientific documents, and discovered the information on Blendzyme (III) in a patent filing. Well done!!!




  1. High interest in Stem Cell technology
  2. they are looking for that strong innovative DISRUPTIVE platform technolgy
  3. Very accommodating in structuring partnerships
  4. Looking for early innovations with strong signals of efficacy
  5. want to be make that stair-step EARLY in order not to loose time in development


Pre-liminary conclusion

In the video, Mr.Zabrowski mentions rheumatoid arthritis is one of the disorders in which they have a key interest in seeking partnerships. This is exactly where the fit with Cytori is- inflammatory diseases lke arthritis together with Lupus, MS and diabetes are perfect for a flexible committed potential partner like Roche, who knows their business and are flexible in structuring deals.

User Polestar knew some time ago to report on the Yahoo board on a doctor in Japan- Dr.Mitsuo- who is treating several patients in these disorder areas with strong outcomes as the grapevine is whispering.

On top of that anecdotal reports of rheumatoid arthritis being treated in Mexico and Korea indicate that even a cure is possible, which fact has been proven by VetStem on animals hundreds of times

Now is the time (certainly after the CEHP-MSB deal) for Cytori to hammer nails and get something going, which they have been awfully incapable of doing for the past few years. Many promises and no delivery to loyal investors- but only dilution. With Roche as a potential partner they can make up a lot for by-gones, if they forsake on the big upfront and accept "fair value" as Zabrowski states it at this point in time for these applications


In my mind -assuming it is true that 6 major Pharma Companies are sitting at the table and are talking potentail therapeutic partnerdeals with Calhoun et al at present- Roche must definitely be one of them and for me THE preferred partner

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